24 Nov

Quote from Donn Draeger book

“The modern bujutsu are well defined, highly pragmatic forms of self defense, both armed and unarmed, that have been skillfully adapted to meet contemporary needs by experts in the classical traditions. In contrast according to the author, the study of the modern budo – and especially the sports oriented forms of kendo, judo, and karate – is one both of adaptation …………..of the classical ideas.”
Back Cover of Modern Bujutsu & Budo



24 Nov

Tradition. Honor. Art. Protection.

Sanrin Mountain Dojo is dedicated to the education, training, development, exploration, and mastery of the most sacred and ancient of traditions known to mankind and woman kind.

This space – conventionally known as our blog – will present in written and sometimes video format, a place to explore, with words and dialogue what we physically practice on the mat and with each other.

We may explore the practical, the mystical, the conventional, the historical, the simple, the complex, the basic, the advanced. Whatever may serve to enhance and heighten our understanding of and physical mastery of what in our contemporary culture we call — Martial Arts.

You are welcome to contribute to our understanding, although your contributions will need to be approved.  If you wish to submit articles to our blog, please send to   seamus@cearnach.com