Nami Ryu Schools

Nami ryu Aiki Heiho Dojo (schools) and sponsored Study Groups are located throughout the United States. Please visit the following dojo links to learn more (all links open in a new tab).

Flagstaff, AZSanrin Mountain Dojo (Google map directions)

Study Groups sponsored by Sanrin Mountain Dojo:

  • Phoenix Study Group – Phoenix, AZ led by Steven Armel
  • Albany NY Study GroupAlbany Samurai Arts led by Andrew Kitterman. (Google map directions)
  • Streets of Laredo Study Group– Laredo, TX (Fill out Sanrin Mountain Dojo’s Contact form)
  • Colorado Springs Study Group – led by Tyler Hackworth, where he also teaches Scottish Broadsword, located at Iron Forged Martial Arts.

Fresno, CADojo of the West Wind (Google Map directions)

Nami ryu Aiki Heiho is based on Japanese sword arts (kenjutsu, iaijutsu and tantojutsu), the principles of which directly apply to the unarmed samurai martial arts (Jujutsu and Aiki-jujutsu).

Reno, NVSamurai Arts of Reno

Solana Beach, CAFour Winds Samurai Arts  

The original home of Nami ryu Aiki Heiho is San Diego County.


Ft. Washington, PARiver of Life Martial Arts & Wellness Center (Google Map directions)

Sanrin Dojo at River of Life working with Carpey sensei on te waza

Dickson, TN – In Dou Martial Arts Academy & Dojo of the Southern Winds

Koln (Cologne), GermanyKoln Nami ryu Study Group (Google Map directions)