The Gathering of The Clan

As a group of dedicated training students, our clan, Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho, is comprised of several generations of traditional Japanese martial arts enthusiasts.  As  the word “clan” suggests, we come together to train as  “…a group of people united by common characteristics, aims, or interests.” 

In our definition of clan, we include our families as well since those who devote hours and years into their training do so with understanding and generosity of spouses, children, mothers, fathers.

Once a year our clan comes together for 4 days of intensive training, deep camaraderie,  great group meals, strengthening current friendships and establishing new ones.

Started in Encinitas, California, USA, in the early, 2000’s and framed as the Instructor’s Seminar, this event quickly grew in scope and quality.  It was renamed, Gathering of the Clan in 2017 in order to reflect the value of  family as well as intensive, detailed and quality training from Kaicho and Founder, James Williams, meant for all of the Ryu’s members worldwide.

If you have never attended, make the next one a must do.  It will transform your training and your life!

The Gathering 2017 The Gathering 2018 The Gathering 2019