Tradition. Honor. Art. Protection.

Sanrin Mountain Dojo is dedicated to the education, training, development, exploration, and mastery of the most sacred and ancient of traditions known to people.

This space – conventionally known as our blog – will present in written and sometimes video format, a place to explore, with words and dialogue what we physically practice on the mat and with each other. Start with our most recent Blogs Updated Here!

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We may explore the practical, the mystical, the conventional, the historical, the simple, the complex, the basic, the advanced. Whatever may serve to enhance and heighten our understanding of and physical mastery of what in our contemporary culture we call — Martial Arts.

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Every Day Carry:

James Williams sensei, the Kaicho of Nami ryu Aiki Heiho, has designed a line of CRKT knives and other tools that we can now provide a connection from this page through the Amazon Affiliate program. The Heiho pocket folder is a great EDC for life on the mountain.

Our dojo is located in a rural mountain area, and many of our members carry tools that help us in work and daily sustenance. Another great folder is the CRKT Shizuka Noh Ken, also designed by Williams sensei. Most of us carry a “special forces” shovel , and good support pens in our vehicles for help when needed. A good office carry pen in our carry bags is helpful as well. 

Flashlight EDC

Carrying a flashlight is one of the most practical behaviors for the modern-day martial artist, and everyone else for that matter. Having one in your pocket or carry bag will make you the star of airplane rides and other situations where lighting up a dark place will make you an instant friend. Having on hand to navigate a dark parking lot, will be comforting and useful. Over the years we have used many of the quality brands. The small, rechargeable and comparatively inexpensive Streamlight model is a current pocket favorite. The light comes in Black, or Coyote .