Tachi mount katana


“I’m a new student of Nami Ryu. I spent time practicing at home using the online dojo before I was ever able to train in person. I’ll say that it’s absolutely worth having that tool in your pocket. That said, I am currently at the keiko in the pines here in Flagstaff and the amount of stuff that I learned in the last 2 days is astronomical. Basically there is no substitute for training in person. The online dojo helped me alot with understanding basic concepts and the terminology but nami ryu is really something that has to be felt since it cannot really be seen if its done correctly( thats really the point of it). I’d say definitely get access to the online training but make it a priority to train in person at one of the dojos as often as you reasonably can. Good luck and stay safe!” Ryan, Phoenix Study Group

” O Connell Sensei, this art is most definitely something on a whole new level for me! I have had interaction with dozens of different systems but all were very up front and in your face understandable. What you and Williams Sensei are teaching is fascinating, so much depth is hidden in plain sight! I feel like a kid again, literally knowing nothing! At 51 years of age its a very exciting feeling for me, a whole new adventure! Thank you for putting up with all my beginner questions, alot of teachers would already have become annoyed with me… lol” Michael

“I also want to say as I have been thinking about this…Having been able to use Nami Ryu on people, in my opinion, it is one of the best ways to handle people. Wrestling, BJJ and Judo do work. People get it to work. However, you and the other guy can get pretty jacked up.

I can’t think of too many other martial arts where people say thank you after you throw them to the ground. So, Nami ryu works extremely well on people. And you don’t have the post adrenaline issues. As much fun as it is sometimes, the aftermath of contesting isn’t nearly as much fun. L.E.O. & BJJ Blue Belt

“Keiko in the Pines is one of the better weekends I have seen for the Ryu.  Thanks for all the time and effort you and Jim put in to make it successful.” Rachel

“My assessment of the seminar is a positive one. The reason is that I learned a lot of useful technics that I try to do in my home practice. I also liked the mood of people there, they were very helpful and kind. Especially Jim O sensei he was was awesome ,” Manny

“I am so tired and a little sore but today was great! I learned so much. Can’t wait to train again. Also glad to meet everyone from out of town that came!” EJ